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As an integrated cyber security service provider, we help clients worldwide secure their information security systems and comply with industry regulations.

For us, working with macmon secure is an obvious choice.

Founded in 2003 - in Berlin, macmon secure is a German industry leading software developer specialising in network security.  macmon's manufacturer-independent and modular NAC solution protects the network against unauthorised and unsecured devices, as well as internal attacks.

Customers benefit from macmon’s security know-how, predictable costs and an increased level of security gained from determining exactly which devices are allowed on which segments of a network.  The software features ease of use, integration with other leading security products and ongoing development, to keep it in line with the latest standards. The customer base includes international companies of various branches and sizes. 

Network Access Control provides you with a complete overview of your entire network environment at all times.

For more information on how macmon can help your organisation please get in touch.