Communicate Cyber is an integrated cyber security service provider.


We help clients worldwide secure their information security systems, resolve threats, mitigate risks and comply with industry regulations.

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Communicate Cyber is a division of Communicate Technology PLC, a specialist technology company providing a complete portfolio of services to clients across the UK.



Blog: Nest Locking us Out
by David Johnson, Sales Director – Cyber Division

Nest, the Google owned smart monitoring company, has recently started to lock people out of their accounts if they believe your password is not strong enough. As a Nest user myself, I’ve been watching the news closely to see if a new breach has been confirmed. Read full release here...


Blog: Security by Obscurity
by David Johnson, Sales Director – Cyber Division

When thinking about your personal and business’s Cyber Security, more and more one must try to think like a criminal. There are many vulnerabilities to consider. However, in my latest blog, I’ll explore Wi-Fi security. Read full release here...


Communicate confirms future growth with new appointment

Tees Valley based Communicate Technology PLC continues to experience significant growth after recently appointing David Johnson to manage the growth of their Cyber division. Read the full release here...


Who's Patching your Systems?
by David Johnson, Sales Director – Cyber Division

Over the last few years, I’ve seen a rise in breaches being caused by a lack of patching. Not a big news revelation I know, however there is a rather worrying new trend happening - Hackers are patching your systems for you! Read the full article here...


Communicate Technology PLC Appoints Cyber Sales Manager

We are proud to announce that we have appointed Jon Fisher as Cyber Sales Manager, to support our Cyber Security division. Read the full release here...

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