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Bookmaker giant, William Hill, has been the victim of a Distributed Denial of Service attack on Tuesday.

Sites went down and have continued to provide nothing better than just intermittent service into Wednesday after the ongoing cyberattack. A spokesperson for William Hill mentioned that the attack ‘follows a significant increase in DDoS activity experienced by a number of online companies over recent weeks’. By this, people assume he is referring to the Mirai botnet incident.

There have been signs that the Mirai bots were throwing some traffic at the bookie’s IP address range.

On Wednesday night William Hill restored some services back to the website, but it still was not 100 per cent fixed. However, considering the company had revenue in H1 of £814m, the outage totalling up to 24 hours could have lost the betting company around £4.4m. Although the outage did not occur while any major events were taking place so the true figure could be a lot less.

William Hill tweeted ‘We apologise as our site is still down. We appreciate this isn’t ideal but we’re working hard on a fix. Thanks for your patience.’

The organisation also said that it apologised for any inconvenience caused to customers.