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A new training academy has been launched by the government that is designed to fill the gap regarding cybersecurity skills.

The Cyber Retraining academy is funded by the government’s National Cyber Security Programme and will be run in partnership with the Sans Institute. The academy will help find new stars in the industry to help protect the economy and critical infrastructure. Students will take a 10-week intensive training course certified by GCHQ and then hopefully followed up by getting straight into a career in cybersecurity.

The aim of the plan is to find people who may never have considered a career in the industry and recruit and retain them if they have a natural ability and passion for it. The course is free and will expose students to malicious code and practical exercises which apparently can’t be found in most other courses.

50 candidates will be initially selected and asked to complete practical tests including finding flaws in unfamiliar systems and dealing with a malware outbreak. Also, they will study how to build secure networks, combat common threats, understand how hackers think and cover brief senior management on security policy.  

This news has come after chancellor Philip Hammond announced a new National Cyber Security Strategy, putting aside £1.9 billion for improving critical infrastructure, boosting policing and offensive cyber capabilities and investing in the next generation of talent.

This programme could be the perfect way in for students to succeed within the industry and improve the industry as a whole.