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National Lottery have been a victim in a compromised attack after 26,000 players have potentially had their sensitive information stolen, operator Camelot has revealed.

The organisation said that it first picked up unusual activity on the accounts of part of its security monitoring. However, it immediately pointed out that that no internal corporate systems had been affected and no money had been stolen from the affected accounts.

Nevertheless, around 26,500 accounts were still accessed, and National Lottery believe that affected players may have had some of their personal information accessed that they hold in their online account.

The organisation believes that the accounts were accessed through a social engineering attack where the account information has been taken from another website, on which players use the same details.

National Lottery say they are taking ‘all the necessary steps to fully understand what has happened’. A compulsory password reset has been forced on all the affected accounts and reassured customers that they do not hold ‘full debit card or bank details in National Lottery players’ online accounts and no money has been taken or deposited’.