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Patient data is at risk according to security experts, after it was revealed that 90% of NHS trusts in England are still running Windows XP operating system.

The OS is out of date and no longer supported by Microsoft, which means there is a lot of vulnerabilities still left unpatched within XP. A ‘Freedom of Information Act’ request from Citrix found that just over half are not sure when they’ll upgrade to a newer system, 14% think they will upgrade by the end of the year and 29% say it will happen at some point in 2017.

The organisation received 42 responses out of 63 trusts that it approached, but it still reflects a poor security service within the health industry. These trusts will be far more exposed to the threat of an attack as Microsoft stopped issuing security updates for government PCs in April 2015.

People have argued that some NHS devices are single purpose devices that do not require a network connection, however things like Wi-Fi and centralization of management and services, they now become targets for malware and other threats as they will need to access print services and more.