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In recent times, more and more companies have felt the need to run audits to ensure that their data security and infrastructure is as water-tight as possible.

In part, this need has been driven by the advent of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). However, this has also been driven by the thought 'does the protection offered by traditional security controls address the very real threat of the insider?'

Often the weakest link in terms of data security, whether it be accidental or malicious, comes from within an organisation – the insider threat.

It is those privileged users, such as system and network administrators, management etc, that pose the most serious threat to a business’s data security and Intellectual Property (IP). A recent survey found that only 10% of businesses feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they were protected from the insider threat.

However, times are changing and cyber security and insider threat protection expert ZoneFox is trying to help buck that trend. They work with companies to ensure that their data is safe from the threat within.

One UK based engineering firm recently engaged ZoneFox to ensure that they had a true insight into whether their existing security provision was effective in managing, monitoring and alerting risky behaviours, in real time. 

Take a look at the full case study here.

If you would like to speak about how we can help protect your business from the insider threat, and indeed any cyber security threat, please do get in touch.