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Research shows that almost three quarters of security breaches are due to the insider threat.

This threat can have detrimental affects on an organisation, not only in terms of data or IP loss but also the reputational brand damage that can occur from a breach.

However, there are ways which this threat can be mitigated, by employing the right monitoring of user behaviour.

Detecting the insider threat is possible, and spotting the deed before it is done can be the difference between a data breach and preventative action taken, mitigating the threat.

This is where partner ZoneFox come in. ZoneFox support businesses by starting to tackle these threats head on. They have created a guide to help you to identify potential risks, deliver an overview in detail of key insider profiles, and take a dive into the motivations and then actions - mitigations - for each risk.

From ZoneFox’s guide you will learn how to spot the types of insider threat, which can range from the innocent employee to a corporate spy!

Please, don’t leave it to chance. Get your copy of Insider Threat Profiles guide and start to protect yourself from the inside out.

If you would like to speak about how we can help protect your business from the insider threat, and indeed any cyber security threat, please do get in touch.