As an integrated cyber security service provider, we help clients worldwide secure their information security systems and comply with industry regulations.

For us, working with CensorNet is an obvious choice.

Imagine an award winning cloud security solution that brings you untouchable Cloud Application Security, Web Security, Email Security and Multi-Factor Authentication on a 360 degree single pane of glass view! Where you can integrate one, two or all four of our security components to monitor and control your most vulnerable operational areas.

CensorNet’s Unified Security Service (USS) platform allows you to prevent, monitor and respond to threats from both inside and outside your organization in real-time, from one single dashboard instead of having to navigate a multitude of siloed products.

A trusted UK based security provider that offers:

  • Superfast deployment for untouchable time to value
  • Reduced complexity and cost through consolidation
  • Single portal for improved visibility and increased productivity
  • Backed up by UK-based support with a 95%+ satisfaction rating

For more information on how CensorNet can help your organisation please get in touch.