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For us, working with Junglemap is an obvious choice.


Junglemap invented bite-sized learning - NanoLearning - in 2006. They saw that the traditional, annual e-learning course was a bit like serving all employees a kilogram of vitamins once a year to be done with it - an information overdose, followed by a rapid forgetting curve, if users at all found time in their calendars.

The result: Much higher participation, a lasting effect, and significantly more motivated and satisfied users. Oh, and it's more affordable too. 

What is NanoLearning

NanoLearning is an innovative, bite-sized learning method delivered online throughout the year to ensure users retain and refresh their knowledge.

Traditional workplace training takes place in single, annual training sessions where users will forget about 80% of what they've learned - and the rest can quickly become out of date in the rapidly changing worlds of information security, digital transformation and governance.

  • NanoLearning consists of lessons that take 2-5 minutes to complete - avoiding information overload
  • The NanoLessons are part of a wider lesson plan
  • NanoLessons are delivered online and taken at the staff's convenience meaning there's no diary conflicts
  • The frequency of the NanoLessons deployed to staff are controlled by you
  • There are over 100 lesson plans available, all customisable for your organisation


The result is much higher participation, a longer-lasting effect and significantly more motivated and satisfied users, as well as being very cost-effective.


“JungleMap’s NanoLearning is more than simply training, it has helped us implement a proactive security culture across the organisation. It shifts the focus away from delivering ineffective tick box style training, to a program of continuous awareness that has a lasting effect; ultimately reducing the risk surrounding the biggest weakness in any information security system; end users. It keeps Data Protection on people’s minds and makes privacy by design part of the culture and far more effective.

It's incredibly easy to monitor and track impact and effectiveness through assessments, benchmark and post program surveys and user feedback. There’s end-less uses for NanoLearning including delivering mandatory training, phishing tests, NHS Toolkit surveys and staff surveys, plus, the ability to deliver training that acknowledges users current knowledge through the ‘flow’ approach, which has the potential to completely change attitudes towards training.”

Robert Atherton
Data Protection Officer, Private Healthcare Information Network


For more information on how Junglemap NanoLearning can help your organisation, you please get in touch with one of our team.