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As an integrated cyber security service provider, we help clients worldwide secure their information security systems and comply with industry regulations.

For us, working with macmon secure is an obvious choice.

macmon - the German technology leader for your network access control.

Since 2003, the experienced IT experts have been offering manufacturer-independent, BSI-certified solutions that protect heterogeneous networks from unauthorized access as a result of immediate network transparency. macmon is implemented quickly and easily, with considerable added value for network security. Thanks to macmon, customers from different industries receive an immediate network overview with graphical reports and topology. In addition, macmon offers customers and partners a comprehensive training program and 24x7 support from Germany.  

There are a variety of applications for macmon across many different verticals. The increased use of private end devices in businesses and the growing number of overall devices that exist in a company network due to digitisation, are sometimes not visible to the administrator.  macmon NAC offers a clear and detailed overview and documentation of the local network and its accesses. It completely logs all access attempts - whether granted or prevented - and also maps data protection requirements for audits and revisions. 

macmon integrates itself seamlessly with other security solutions from its international technology partners, such as Endpoint Security, Emergency Management and Firewall/IPS. These partnerships are continuously being expanded, so benefits of the NAC solution are constantly increasing and complex requirements can be optimally met in the future.  

In addition, macmon offers a high savings potential and investment protection through the hardware.  Utilising industry standard widely deployed protocols such as SNMP or SSH, ensures the solution is network equipment manufacturer agnostic. This makes macmon a central IT-component in the fields of digitization, BYOD or Intent Based Networking.

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