As an integrated cyber security service provider, we help clients worldwide secure their information security systems and comply with industry regulations.

For us, working with Zonefox, a Fortinet company, is an obvious choice.

Who are ZoneFox?

ZoneFox, a Fortinet company, helps to protect your organisation’s data from the insider threat, providing 360 visibility of your data (or as they say the who, what, where and when) monitoring and alerting when user behaviour looks malicious or just out of the ordinary.  

ZoneFox works in real-time, proactively reporting unusual or suspicious behaviour to provide full visibility of activity on your network.  Quite simply, they help you protect your data, mitigate risk and remain compliant.

Who needs ZoneFox?

Supporting businesses in a variety of sectors, ZoneFox uses powerful User Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) to alert on anomalous behaviour, provide real-time visibility of potential breaches, and protect valuable IP and sensitive data; providing you with vital insights at the time you need them.

How does ZoneFox work?

ZoneFox gives an organisation situational awareness of insider user behaviours that could result in data or policy breaches. These breaches can result in considerable IP loss, reputational risk and compliance implications.

Supported on a variety of device types, activity is securely collected from the endpoint -  even if it is offline - protecting your data even when your workforce is mobile.  

With zero configuration and speedy installation, on premise or in the cloud, ZoneFox is up and running quickly to gain valuable insights on data flow across your network, and protect your valuable IP.   

Still need Convincing? Check out common use cases:

What does ZoneFox find?

  • Intellectual property written to removable media
  • Tunnelling data through the Dark Web
  • Company documents uploaded to the cloud - Dropbox, Skype, G-Suite 
  • Unauthorised or anomalous sensitive file access i.e payroll/staff data
  • Unapproved software installation 
  • Ransomware files entering your network
  • Files transferred via messaging applications
  • Downloading illegal content

For more information on how ZoneFox hosted can help your organisation, you can watch a demo here or get in touch with one of our team.